Planning a wedding? A wedding day has many moments you'll treasure, and capturing every moment requires a talented wedding photographer.

Picking an Ottawa wedding photographer is a big choice. Understanding the cost of photographing weddings in Ottawa is vital for your budget. You want someone good but also affordable.

Let's talk about how to find a great wedding photographer in Ottawa and not spend too much.

Key Points in Pricing

Here’s what makes wedding photography costs go up or down:

- Experience: More experience can mean higher prices.

- Style: Some photographers have a fancy style that might cost more.

- Hours: The longer they work your wedding, the more you pay.

- Extras: Things like engagement photos or special edits can add to the price.

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What You'll Pay in Ottawa

Costs can be all over the place. You might get an affordable wedding photographer in Ottawa for about $1,500. The best wedding photographers in Ottawa with years of experience capturing memorable moments might ask for $6,000 or more.

How Much to Spend

A good rule is to set aside 10-15% of your wedding budget for photos. Good pictures are worth it. They’re what you’ll have to remember the day. When you've planned a wedding, choosing someone that makes you say "I couldn't be happier" is priceless.

Packages Explained

Most photographers have packages that make wedding planning easier. They usually cover a set number of hours and include your photos. Make sure you know what you're getting. You can find more information on my available packages here.

Other Costs

Travel fees to specific wedding venues, extra time, fancy edits, or full rights to the pictures can mean you’ll pay more.

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Finding Value

Look for someone with a mix of good reviews, a style you like, and a personality that fits with yours. It’s your wedding day. You want it to be super easy and happy.

Questions for Photographers

When you talk to photographers, what happens if something goes wrong, their approach to wedding coverage, and who owns the photos. This helps you pick the right one. These details are important when you’re looking for a photogrpaher to capture your wedding.

Looking at Portfolios and Reviews

A solid way to gauge if a photographer fits your vision is by thoroughly reviewing their portfolio. Look for variety in their shots and how they capture each moment. Reviews from past clients can also give you insight into their work ethic and customer service. Happy couples often share their experiences, making it easier for you to decide.

Flexibility and Personalization

An ideal photographer offers flexibility in their packages. Perhaps you want more candid shots and fewer formal ones, or you prefer a longer session at the reception. A photographer willing to tailor their services to your needs can be a valuable asset to your wedding team.

Bridal couple holding hands on concrete stairs under an arched walkway, framed by autumn foliage in downtown Ottawa.

The Importance of a Connection

This person will be there for your wedding's special moments. It's important to feel at ease with them. A good photographer takes great photos and makes your day better.

Early Booking Advantages

Booking your photographer early ensures they're free for your day and can prevent prices from rising. Some offer early booking discounts or lower prices for off-season dates, helping you save money.

Your wedding photographer makes your big day's special moments last forever. They do more than just take photos; they capture the start of your new life together. When choosing one, think about what they bring to your wedding. Choose someone whose style you like and who understands what you want.


Prices for wedding photography in Ottawa change a lot. But remembering your special day with great photos is priceless. If you’re looking for someone high-quality who’s also affordable, let’s chat! Let me help make your wedding memories last forever.