Mini Sessions

What's a mini session?

A mini-session is a condensed version of a full session. This is what’s included in each mini session:

  • A 15-minute session
  • Scheduled for a specific time block
  • Takes place during specific days that the photographer chooses
  • At a specific location that the photographer chooses (I promise it'll be gorgeous!)
  • Typical family shots captured during these sessions: the whole family together, mom & the kids, dad & the kids, all the kids together, kids individually, just mom & dad
Mini sessions are a great opportunity to update family photos, to capture your pregnancy or engagement, to get photos to use on Christmas cards, or even to make extended family members jealous on social media.

When do they take place?

Mini sessions take place around the following times:

Valentine - Takes place during the first 2 weeks of February

Easter - Takes place the 2 weeks before Easter weekend

Summer - Takes place during the last 2 weeks of June

Thanksgiving - Takes place the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving weekend

Christmas - Takes place during the last 2 weeks of November

Please note that these timeframes are subject to change. Additional mini sessions may be offered throughout the year as well, such as Cherry Blossom sessions, Strawberry picking sessions and Pumpkin picking sessions.

Want to find out when the next mini session is?