When should I arrive to my session?

Please ensure that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your time slot; there are clients scheduled before and after you! All mini-sessions are 15 minutes so they are pretty short. If you are late to your session, your session will be shortened and will still end at the same time.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you would like to bring your own blanket to sit down on, please feel free to do so! If you're bringing any little ones or furry friends, bring a bribe to help keep them focused and their attention on the camera.

What type of poses do you do during these sessions?

Each session will have a variety of sitting and standing poses and combinations of participants. If there is a specific grouping you'd like to have, please let me know when you arrive so I ensure that I do not miss it!

Do you provide RAW files?

I don't provide unedited/raw images; each session will be edited in my specific style. You can browse my portfolio on Instagram and Facebook at @farrahsanjariphotography

What should I wear?

The trick to awesome photos is never to match, but instead to coordinate. Choose one or two coordinating colors and stick with that. You can accessorize with hats, scarves, and gloves. When in doubt, hit up Pinterest or send me a message and I'll provide some guidance!

If your session is outside, dress appropriately for the weather. These sessions are short, so you'll be able to take off your coat while staying warm in your outfit.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If it is sprinkling, we will still go ahead with the session. If it is pouring or storming, I will be notifying each client via email the night before to reschedule.

When will I receive my photos back?

You will receive a minimum of 5-10 images, all high resolution, edited, and accessible via a digital download within 2 weeks of your session date. If your session is near Christmas, I'll aim to deliver it within a few days so that you have it back before the holidays!