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Saturday, February 3, 2024, was the first of my 2024 weddings, and it was such a beautiful day for a wedding!

After a morning filled with running around to get ready for the day, Jennifer met Giancarlo at the end of the aisle at Madonna della Risurrezione. Their service, performed by the wonderful Father Tony, was filled with fun little moments that had their guests laughing with glee. Following the ceremony, we drove down to the National Gallery of Canada for some formal photos and then headed to Sala San Marco for the reception.

As we drove to the reception space, we got to witness the most gorgeous winter sunsets I’ve ever seen. If you’ve been to Sala San Marco for a wedding, then you know you need to be prepared to eat A LOT of amazing food. Following dinner and some heartwarming speeches, the dance floor opened up and as I was leaving, it felt like almost everyone in that room was on it!